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  • Where do you service?
    The Party Trend services the Kansas City metro area. We offer Kansas City clean, modern, and unique bounce houses, ball pits, soft play, and other party rentals. Delivery fees vary depending on distance.
  • How is the equipment cleaned?
    Equipment is cleaned and sanitized between every rental. Every item, down to the individual ball pit balls are washed so they are in the best condition when coming to you. Our ball pit balls are all inspected before they are individually washed and sanitized using a commercial grade ball washing machine. All ball pits/soft play are sanitized using hospital grade cleaners (safe for your babies and our equipment.) Bounce houses are all cleaned and sanitized between rentals. Please follow our rules to help maintain cleanliness of our equipment (no shoes, face paint, food/drink, glitter/confetti, pets etc.)
  • Can I hang balloon garland on the bounce house?
    Yes! We love to see our bounce houses dressed up. The bounce houses have designated loops to secure balloon garland. Please use 260s if you need additional ways to secure the garland. Do not use command hooks, tape, or other adhesives. Please do not use confetti filled balloons. Keep water away from balloons to prevent color transfer. We recommend a professional who uses commercial grade balloons for long lasting balloons during your event.
  • Where can the bounce houses be set up?
    Bounce houses must be setup within 50 feet of a power source. Bounce houses may be set up on grass, turf, asphalt, or concrete. We will not set up on rocks, gravel, or dirt. Please notify us upon booking what surface you plan to set up the bounce house on. Our 13'x13' houses are available to be setup indoors. The height clearance is 10.5 feet.
  • What are the rules for the equipment?
    1. No shoes 2. No food, drinks, or sweets 3. No face paint 4. No silly string 5. No confetti, glitter, or streamers 6. No sharp objects 7. No pets 8. No climbing bounce house walls Following these rules will keep our equipment looking modern and clean for our next clients. Thank you!
  • How can I prepare for my rental?
    Make sure you have a space prepared for our equipment. It's always nice to double check measurements! If in an outdoor space, make sure sprinkler systems are turned off and the yard is cleared (animal waste, rocks, branches, etc.) While party planning try and avoid activities that could damage equipment. Face paint is fatal to our bounce houses and we will not book events with it present.
  • Do you set up at parks?
    We are fully permitted and insured allowing us to set up at parks. However, we do not provide generators. Please verify you will have a power source before booking. If the park asks to be added to our insurance during your event (this is different than asking for proof of insurance,) an extra fee of $50 will be charged. Renter must stay with equipment the entire duration of the rental. Do not leave equipment unattended.
  • What are your delivery/pick up fees?
    We deliver/pick up free to addresses within 15 miles of area code 64081. Adresses 15-30 miles will be charged $50 for delivery/pick up. If you are hoping to book further than 30 miles out, please email us before booking.
  • What if the bounce house is damaged during my rental?
    To prevent damage, we have some general rules in place. These general rules include: no shoes, no food or drink, no silly string, no confetti/confetti filled balloons, no face paint, no glitter, no sharp objects, no flips/climbing the walls, and no overloading the bounce house. If the bounce house is damaged by negligence, repair or replacement charges will be incurred.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    50% of payment is non refundable. A 100% cancellation fee is taken if the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the start of your event. Don't worry! If you need to reschedule, we are happy to do so. Reschedules can be made within one calendar year of your original rental date.
  • What is your bad weather policy?
    We do not set up in rain, thunderstorms, or excessive winds. If it rains the day of your event and you decide to cancel, 50% of your payment will be held and you are able to reschedule for a future date. If unexpected rain, thunder/lightning, or winds exceeding 15 mph occur during your event, please turn off blower immediately. There will be no refunds after the point of delivery.
  • Do you provide attendants?
    Attendants are not part of our standard rental, but we will provide one at an additional cost per hour. We reccomend attendants for weddings, large parties, and public events.
  • Are you insured?
    Absolutely! The Party Trend is a fully insured, inspected, and liceased business. We want to make sure that our equipment meets high safety standards to keep you and your littles safe. The most important thing in this business is SAFETY.
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